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Treatment Pricing

The "Ultimate" Neck and Back massage with your choice of techniques

30 minutes $ 45.00 (including tax)

The "Ultimate" Full Body massage with your choice of techniques

60 Minutes $ 85.00 (including tax)

The "Ultimate Rejuvenating" massage with your choice of techniques

90 Minutes $ 125.00 (including tax)

Foot Massage and Reiki

30 minutes $ 35.00

45 minutes $ 55.00

Personalized Cupping/Vacuum Cupping Sessions

30 minutes $ 50.00 (including tax)

45 minutes $ 70.00 (including tax)

45 minute sessions are also available at $ 65.00 and 75 minute sessions at $105.00.

All sessions may include standard silicone cupping with your permission and consent only.

Please contact me for more information on Vacuum Cupping and Magnetic Acupressure Therapy. 

6.625% Sales Tax is included in the price.

I do not diagnose diseases or illnesses. I will refer out if I think your health is at risk. Please consult your physician if you have a health concern. Your health is very important to me.

During your session, I will always check in with you to see how our session is progressing and if you are comfortable. You need not feel any pain and if you do, you will share that information with me at all times.

My sessions are solely intended for therapeutic purposes and anyone who has any other intentions will not be serviced. I offer a safe space for you to be able to “re-center” and come back to homeostasis and balance. 

Medical Conditions:

Massage is not recommended for clients with certain medical conditions including, but not limited to, illnesses such as a cold or the flu, circulatory conditions, certain heart conditions, contagious diseases, diabetes, viral and bacterial infections/diseases, acute injuries or acute pain, thrombosis, many medications. During our initial intake over the phone, please inform me of all your medical conditions, so I can determine whether or not a massage would be safe for you. 

Treatment Pricing: Welcome

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Treatment Pricing: Welcome
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